A Tranquile Experience through caring hands

Magical Hands Massage Spa 


Magical Hands Registered Massage Therapists are focused on providing the highest level of personal care to our clients on a consistent basis. Our Massage Therapist combines a variety of techniques designed to soothe and recharge your spirit.

We offer a number of Massage Techniques which include:

  • Swedish (General Relaxation Massage) best suited for those who require light to moderate pressure during a massage treatment. With the use of gentle strokes, this massage is usually a full body massage unless otherwise requested. This service is available for 60 or 90 Minutes. 

  • Deep Tissue (Therapeutic Massage) 
Focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains in areas such as the neck, shoulders, upper and low back, along with leg and foot soreness. Moderate to firm pressure used with fascial techniques. This massage is usually a targeted treatment, unless otherwise requested. This service is available for 60, and 90 minutes. 

  • Hand And Hot Stone Massage : Is a specialty treatment alternating between hot stones and the therapists hands. Heated stones are used to warm up and provide deep penetrating heat to the muscles. The therapists hands and elbows are used to target and manipulate specific areas within tense muscle. This massage is offered as a targeted treatment or a fully body massage.  This service is available in either 60 or 90 minutes.

  • Pregnancy / Pre-natal Massage : The most common way of performing a pregnancy massage is by the client laying on their side. Several pillows are used to promote complete comfort for the mother to be and her unborn baby. Pregnancy massage helps promote relaxation, sooth nerves, helps relieve pain, muscle tension and stress. Mostly beneficial in the second and third trimester. This service is available in either 60 or 90 minutes. 

60, and 90 Minute Treatments are available at Reasonable Rates. 

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Who We Are:

Our Therapists are:

-College Of  Massage Therapists Of Ontario (CMTO) Certified

 - Registered Massage Therapists Association Of Ontario (RMTAO) Members in good standing since  2010

Trained in : 
  • Musculo-Skeletal Physical Assessment and Treatment
  • Low back and shoulder girdle assessment and treatment